In the wake of the loss of a loved one, the thought of monetary restitution is hollow. Another's negligence has irreversibly taken someone close to you, and the thought of legal proceedings is distant and difficult.

While your thoughts may not immediately turn to the legal implications of your loved one's death, it is important that you speak to an attorney who can help you understand your rights.

Compassionate Representation Following Your Loss

At Schoch & Schoch we empathize with your grief and join with you in mourning the tragic loss. We are committed to fighting for the memory of your loved one and will seek justice against the parties responsible for the negligence that caused his or her death.

In many cases of wrongful death and accidental death, North Carolina law allows only monetary awards as a means of justice and accountability. While legal wins will not bring a loved one back, they are the avenue provided to you to hold responsible parties accountable for their negligence, which has cost you so dearly.

Also, many such losses leave spouses and children in a place of financial insecurity. Seeking restitution for the wrongful death of this individual can help to provide for the future of the surviving family and children.

Contact Us If You Have Lost A Loved One In A Fatal Accident

We provide complimentary consultations to listen to your story. Our lawyers will build a case against the responsible parties customized to the unique circumstances of the accident that took your loved one. Trust that we will do everything within our power to find justice and restitution in honor of your loss.

To arrange a consultation with an attorney, please call our High Point law office today at 336-884-4151. You may also contact us online. We are committed to keeping you fully informed of your case and compassionately guiding you through the legalities of this difficult time.