Guidance For Complex Land Condemnation Issues

At Schoch & Schoch our practice in land condemnation is focused on helping individuals and businesses involved in property disputes. Whether you are a business owner or shareholder in the midst of a dispute, or a landowner caught in the middle of an eminent domain issue, it is important that you have an experienced attorney who can help you navigate these complex legal issues.

Helping You Protect Your Interests And Receiving Fair Compensation

We focus our land condemnation practice exclusively on representing homeowners, business owners and landowners throughout North Carolina who stand to lose their land under eminent domain.

With every land condemnation case we handle, our lawyers will investigate the matter to determine if the condemning agency has the authority to do so. If they don't, we will work to stop them. If they do, we will work to ensure that you are fairly compensated.

We have handled cases involving a variety of organizations, including:

  • Power companies
  • Railroads
  • Gas pipeline companies
  • Department of Transportation
  • Cities and counties

Conflict with these organizations often revolves around property seizure, road construction, highway expansion, easements and power line, and oil line and gas line placement. We are highly knowledgeable of the laws and statutes framing these matters and can skillfully handle the case on your behalf, protecting your interests.

The Department Of Transportation And Corridor Protection Maps

A recent decision by the North Carolina Supreme Court held that when the North Carolina Department Of Transportation (NCDOT) records a corridor protection map which places restrictions on a person's property, this may constitute a taking under the rule of eminent domain, and property owners should be compensated accordingly. We can let you know how this decision may affect your case and explore your options for moving forward.

Contact Our High Point Law Office For Help With Eminent Domain Matters

We build solid cases based on the unique set of facts brought by each client. To better understand your case, we provide free initial consultations. To arrange a meeting, please call us today at 336-884-4151. You may also contact us online.